Private Board and Train


I offer board and train on a case by case basis, and cost would be determined based on you and your pup’s specific needs and desires.  Your pup would live with me and my husband, two cats, and two dogs. She’d sleep in her own space in our home, and would receive multiple training sessions each day, as well as outings, walks and possible jogs through my Skagit Valley neighborhood.


Why choose board and train with Happy Pup?

My board and train service allows you to hand over some of the “heavy lifting” of training your pup. Because I’m a trained trainer, chances are very good that I’m quicker than you installing those new behaviors you want to see in your pooch, much the same way a trained language educator is faster than you (or me) teaching you a new language. Just as we must practice using that new language in our own lives outside of the classroom for it to really take hold and generalize,  so too your pup’s newly installed behaviors take time and practice to generalize to new locations and distractions. For that reason board and train is most successful when you practice newly installed behaviors in and around your environment using the same positive reinforcement training techniques that I use, and teach you to use.

My home is nestled in the beautiful and scenic Skagit Valley and it features a secure, fully-fenced 2.5 acre yard, with plenty of indoor and outdoor space to run, play and train. I’ll customize a plan based on you and your pup’s most important needs, and then schedule a time period from a few days to several weeks for your pup to come stay and train with me.  An overnight board and train starts at $130., but can be more depending on your pup’s needs. Pick up and delivery can be arranged for an additional cost which will depend on your location.

board and train for dogs in Skagit Valley, WA