From Puppy Basics to Anxiety Issues

Happy Pup Training will customize a training package for your specific needs.  You’ll start with an in-home initial consultation, and from there we’ll design a training package for you that may include any of the options below.

“Truly, Judy is one in a million! We loved she came to our home to meet our dogs in their environment and watched them function within our family dynamics to access individual training needs. Within minutes of the initial greeting our incredibly spunky puppy was miraculously sitting and then shortly after in a down position with her positive training approach. She has a unique train/play philosophy to keep the dog’s attention during each session. We were amazed with the connection she had with our dogs, knowledge, support and professionalism. Honestly, our puppy sits by the front door and waits for her when she leaves after the session. We are fortunate to have crossed paths with Judy and highly recommend her.”

-Katie and Brad Reading



Puppy Start Right Preschool

Package • 4 sessions & Video Orientation $300

INTRODUCING PUPPY START RIGHT PRESCHOOL CLASS. PREPARE you puppy for a LIFETIME at your side! Did you know that the best time to socialize your puppy is between 7 and 12 weeks of age? Early puppyhood is a critical time for socialization and learning. Experiences during this time set the stage for the rest of your puppy’s life. JOIN THE FUN!! Please email info@happypuptraining for further information and to sign up for either group classes, or private Puppy Start Right Preschool classes.


private dog trainer in anacortes, WA

Private Day Training

Initial Consult $85 • Ongoing Sessions $75

 I’ll do the heavy lifting for you by coming to your house and training your pup for you in hour-long training sessions, multiple times during the week. Day training is generally the fastest method of getting the job done because experienced trainers are faster trainers, in the same way that plumbers are generally faster than you when you have plumbing needs.  We’ll schedule in-home transfer sessions so that I can show you the behaviors I’ve installed, and transfer training techniques for you to practice with your pooch to help her generalize what I’ve taught her. Initial consultation cost is $85. Package of 3 or more prepaid training sessions is $70/session. Full payment is due when package recommendation is accepted.


day training for dog in anacortes, WA

Private Coaching

Initial Consult $85 • Ongoing Sessions $75

I’ll coach you to train your pup in your home, or at other locations we choose.  There are real, lifetime benefits from learning to train using positive reinforcement tools with your dogs.  You’ll learn tools that will enable you to install many of the behaviors you need, and to troubleshoot most problems you’ll encounter, so that your everyday life with your pup is much easier. Initial consultation is $85. Package of 3 or more prepaid training sessions is $70./session. Full payment is due when package recommendation is accepted.


board and train for dogs in anacortes, WA

Private Board and Train

Initial Consult $85 • Cost of Stay Determined after Consultation but starts at $130

See our Board and Train page for more details.