Truly, Judy is one in a million!
We loved that she came to our home to meet our dogs in their environment and watched them function within our family dynamics to assess individual training needs. Within minutes of the initial greeting our incredibly spunky puppy was miraculously sitting and then shortly after in a down position with her positive training approach. She has a unique train/play philosophy to keep the dog’s attention during each session.

We were amazed with the connection she had with our dogs, knowledge, support and professionalism. Honestly, our puppy sits by the front door and waits for her when she leaves after the session. We are fortunate to have crossed paths with Judy and highly recommend her.
— Katie and Brad Reading

I worked with Judy in private sessions with my challenging standard poodle puppy. We had multiple sessions together and, with her alone working with my pup. She was very knowledgeable and skillful especially with a number of puppy difficulties. She was easy to work with and communicated well with me and especially with the puppy. Her way with dogs is gentle, magical. She was one of the best trainers I have worked with in my many years of having dogs.
— Helen, Oak Harbor

Judy Bardsley worked with our two Shiloh Shepherd puppies for two months. They presented quite a challenge because there were two to train. Judy’s “Happy Pup Training” was well organized and she gave us a “Reminder for Happy Pup Training” at the end of each session. Her training is based on kindness and lots of rewards/treats. She understands the markers in doggie body language for their mood and temperament. For example she knew Rainbow did not want to be petted at first so she gradually built up the level of trust between them.

Her techniques are consistent and based on years of study and education. She also did a great job with her human trainees. That might be her biggest success, training the humans how to interact correctly with their dog. She went the extra mile for us and we recommend her highly. She knows her stuff!
— Judy and Wayne Thompson

Just as if we brought home a new baby, we discovered that we knew nothing about having a puppy. Fortunately for us, we soon found Judy Bardsley to train us. Her system works! Daisy was soon sitting, lying down, coming and going to her “place” on command. She stopped whining and crying in her kennel. She’s getting good at walking on a leash without pulling. Everywhere we take her, people comment on how well behaved she is. We were able to avoid ruining our little sweetie, even though she has a bit of a stubborn streak. Now when that shows up, we strap on a treat bag, get out the clicker and put her through a training session. She’s soon back to that lovable, playful and happy Daisy that is a joy to be around.
— Annie Johnson

We recommend Judy’s training at home because our whole family was able to learn the best ways to have our dog behave. She could see how we live and our challenges with space, time, and kids coming and going. Judy was able to give us several great tools that we have incorporated into our daily lives. Our dog, Bailey was eager to please Judy because she expects good behavior and ignores bad. We look forward to taking more classes with Judy.
— Carrie Worra

I’ve know Judy for a few years now and found her to be the kindest and most patient of souls. With the dogs and with the owners! She always makes a nice, effective connection with both.
— D. Exley, retired dog trainer